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Online Telemedicine .. within India / outside India

Homeopathic Treatment at Your Doorstep

Receive homeopathic treatment with German medicines at your doorstep anywhere in India in the shortest possible time along with prescription.

Your Journey to Wellness

“This clinic is not about giving medicines. This clinic is about curing with medicines rapidly, gently and permanently to the whole extent in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way”. – Dr Umang Khanna (Top Influencer of Homoeopathy in India)


Get Treatment with medicine anywhere in India at your doorstep. Includes Consultation, Medicines, Courier & Support for the course of treatment.

₹2000 for 1 month

Clinic Consultation

Meet Us at Clinic Physicaaly

Rest of the World

Get e-prescription treatment anywhere in the world. Includes an 1 month Initial remedy prescription and follow-up prascriptions for 5 months with Support during course of treatment. Medicines to be purchased by the patient locally

$160 for 6 months

Treatment Anywhere in India

Step 1

Send Your Ailments (with medical reports if any) on whats app no. 9415786380

Step 2

दवा ऑर्डर करने के लिए उपरोक्त जानकारी हमें 9415786380 पर Whats app करें ..
Forward following details on whats app no. 9415786380

Patient’s full name / मरीज़ का पूरा नाम –
E mail ID / ई – मेल ( यदि हो तो )-
Mobile No. / मोबाइल नम्बर –
Alternate mobile no. –
Gender / लिंग –
Age / उम्र –
Marital Status –
Address / पता –
City / शहर –
State / प्रदेश –
Pin code / पिन –

Step 3

9415786380 // 9696 721151 // 7985536166
You wil get call from the clinic between 10:00 am – 2:00 pm IST from above mentd. phone no’s.
तत्पश्चात आपको क्लिनिक से उपरोक्त फ़ोन नंबर्स से १०-२ pm IST के मध्य कॉल प्राप्त होगा

Step 4

You will recieve medicine at your doorstep
दवा आपके दिए पते पर डिस्पैच कर दी जाएगी

Treatment Rest of The World

Step 1

Send Your Ailments (with medical reports if any) on whats app no. +91-9415786380

Step 2

Forward following details on whats app no. +91-9415786380

Patient’s full name –
E mail ID –
Mobile No. –
Alternate mobile no. –
Gender –
Age –
Marital Status –
Address –
City –
State –
Zip code –

Step 3

+91-9415786380 // +91-9696 721151 // +91-7985536166
You wil get Whay’s app call from the clinic between 10:00 am – 2:00 pm IST from above mentd. phone no’s.

Step 4

You will recieve e-prescription on your email & whats app.
pls take note while we provide best possible treatment there is NO guarantee in the treatment. 
हमारे हाथ में अपनी जानकारी में सबसे बेहतर इलाज देने का प्रयास है परंतु इलाज में किसी भी प्रकार की कोई गैरंटी नहीं है

Step 1

What’s app

What’s app your ailment / medical reports (if any) on 9415786380. Fill and forward the proforma recieved, to us on What’s app.

Step 2

Wait for Our Phone Call

We will call You back within 24 hours. Tell Dr Umang Khanna all your medical history and symptoms.

Step 3

Treatment On The Way

Medicine would be dispatched to You through world class courier companies and delivered to you at the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Am I Exactly Paying For?

The fees mentioned above include the following:

  • On-line consultation and Case analysis by Dr Umang Khanna. This helps in determining the appropriate remedy and line of treatment
  • Cost of Homeopathic Medicines to be couriered. We do include at no extra cost whats app of Homeopathic medicines (support consultation) which may be required during your course of your treatment.
  • Cost of couriering the medicine to the desired address.
Is There A Limitation To The Number Of Times I Can Communicate With The Physicians?

No limit! You may communicate as often as you wish. Generally, we recommend patients to give feedback on a monthly basis. However you may clarify your doubts at any stage during the course of treatment. There are no hidden or extra fees applicable when you communicate with the clinic.

At What Intervals Will I Receive The Medicines?

Patients has to order medicines on the date mentioned at the bottom of last prescription which is 5 days prior to the finish of medicine.

Are Medicines Prescribed For Longer Durations, And If Not, Why?

We do not recommend a remedy to be taken for longer than 1 month as it is always beneficial to talk to the doctor as your symptoms may change and your case may have to be reanalyzed; thereby preventing wastage of time and money.

Company Values

Personalised Interaction

Our staff is well trained to interact with you, help respond to your queries with intelligent and human touch.

Single Window Solution

Our interaction system is such that your call would not be transffered to several menus phone no.s

Swift Response

Your phone would be attended at the earliest or callback would be arranged the same day and the solution provided on the same call.

Original German Medicines

Treatment is done by despencing original German medicines of the highest qwality thereby increasing the possibilty of early cure.

Why Homeopathy is One of The Best Option

This clinic is not about giving medicines. This clinic is about curing with medicines rapidly, gently and permanently to the whole extent in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way.

We are determined to provide you the very best of Homeopathy including the latest research at our clinic and the experience of seeing hundreds of patients a day.

Homeopathy is Safe

Medicines are prepared from tiny amounts of substances derived from plants, minerals & animals. Administered in very minute doses.

Effective and Fast Acting

Homeopathic medicine is fast acting, restoring optimal health. Homeopathic prescribing is effective in both acute and chronic conditions.

Scientific and Natural Medicine

Homeopathy is based on nature’s principle of cure, namely Like Cures Like (The Law of Similars), with long standing healing tradition.

Helps Builds Resistance

Homeopathic treatments addresses disease at the root level, hence enhancing resistance to disease.

Safe for All Life’s Stages

Homeopathic medicines are safe for everyone including pregnant / lactating women as there is no risk of toxicity or side-effects.

Gives lasting relief

Relief offered by homeopathy in the treatment of chronic diseases is quite lasting for many months or years.

Our Team

Our Team is a team of compotent people who may not have reputated degrees but these are a group of hard working, intelligent and honest people.

Dr. Umang Khanna

Chief Consultant










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Rossa Pelmar


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