“Everything came to me after real hard work but thank GOD it came. We thank our mother, father and GOD for our great and successful journey.” – Dr. Umang Khanna


The glorious journey of healing the mankind of their diseases by Dr.Khanna started at a road side clinic in the verandah of a Dharamshala located at Sheetla Mata Mandir, Rajajipuram, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.The charitable practice of healing started at this point, examining and analyzing the patient and the disease. It gave Dr.Khanna the fair opportunity to feel and develop the habit of knowing the patient and disease in totality and prescribing the remedies which were in line with the laws of homeopathy and taking into consideration both the patient and his disease.


As thousands of patients benefited from the medicinal practice of Dr. Khanna a branch was opened at Pandey Medicals, Hewitt road, Lucknow. Here Dr. Khanna stared its glorious journey to become a reputed institution as Dr. UMANG KHANNA HOMEOPATHIC CLINIC where hundreds of patients came from across the borders of city,state,nation and the world.


During this journey of success a patient of Doctor Khanna provided space for the clinic at Nakkhas which proved to be the turning point in Dr. Khanna’s career as the name of DR. UMANG KHANNA HOMEOPATHIC CLINIC spread across to all the corners of India and across to the globe which made Dr. Khanna a global doctor. In the pursuit to provide the best and make aarogya a world class global brand, original German homeopathic medicines were dispensed by Dr. Khanna at his clinic.During the treatment of the patients medicines were prescribed by linking the ailments of the individual to most recent research in medical science there by taking homeopathy and cure to the next level.


By this time the name glory and respect of Dr. Khanna had grown miles both in the field of homeopathy and as an individual by the way of honest practice keeping foremost in mind the welfare and betterment of the patient. A branch was opened at Kasmanda House, Hazratganj, Lucknow with all the modern facilities and the clinic was fully computerized with patient management system.


As the number of patients grew Dr.Khanna framed a policy which was committed to provide the consultation to the patient as near to him as possible therefore opening a clinic at Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

The capability to correlate and synchronize modern scientific research with the action of homeopathic medicines by the process of research and documentation and analysis of results makes him the prescriber giving quick result without any side effects.


Now the capacity of the doctor to see the individual patients was exhausted as a result of which moved towards the concept of telemedicine or medicine through internet. As patients of Dr. UMANG KHANNA HOMEOPATHIC CLINIC were all across India and world it became easy to ensure success of this concept. The whole base of the practice of DR. UMANG KHANNA HOMEOPATHIC CLINIC is to provide cheap and affordable treatment with quick response both in terms of the action of medicines and the response of the doctor to the patient and the services.


We realized that as we were giving very economical treatment to the patients our advertising options were closed. So we decided to increase our social presence. By going to many social events we publicized our services among the people. We attended political functions, social functions and organized events at our clinics. This led to the free publicity of our healthcare services and we gained attention of the public of our world class health service.


As the digitization of India become super fast under the leadership of prime minister Modi where a common man got 40 mbps internet speed at very economical rates. We realized that this is the best time to go fully digital. We founded Ions India homeopathy which is providing the best health care services online.


the Journey continues ….