Myth – Homeopathy takes time to act.

Fact – Homeopathy Acts Instantly.Take an example – person comes with acute cold and sneezing to the clinic. A tongue dose of NuxVomica IM is administered to the patient, within 20 seconds the patient gets relief. Is it slow?

Myth – Homeopath aggravates the disease.

Fact – Homeopathy does not lead to initial aggravation. It is just only that the patients progression of the disease coincides with the medicine. The momentum of progression of disease process worsens the natural course and when this momentum of progression is stopped by the grace of the medicinal power of the medicines the disease progresses on its way to cure.

Myth – Homeopathy has no authentically and recognition.

Fact – If homeopathy had no authenticity than why many government’s including India have separate ministries, degrees,secretaries, ministries and government controlled and funded homeopathic medical collages.Any way science which had no authenticity and results would not have been able to survive and thieve for so long.

Myth – Homeopathy is simply alcohol.

Fact – Homeopathy is an Art and science which is based on subatomic particles i.e. ions and works dynamically where alcohol is simply a vehicle to carry medicinal properties to the patient.

Myth – Homeopathy cannot be taken with allopathy.

Fact – As the purpose of Homeopathic and allopathic medicines is same in some aspects so as to give relief to the patients (homoeopathy goes a step further ofcuring them of their disease) they can be given together.

Myth – Homeopathic medicines are only sugar pills.

Fact – Pills are made from sugar but they are only vehicles which carry the dynamic medicinal curing properties of the medicine to the individual.

Myth – Homeopathic medicines have steroids.

Fact – No, it is a misconception. All homeopathy medicines are prepared by using scientific predefined methods of extracting the medicinal properties from source substances. And more so if medicines would have been steroids they should have resulted in giving permanent cure to the patient.

Myth – Homeopathic medicines call for strict food restrictions.

Fact – The only norm for dietary restriction in homeopathy is not to eat anything fifteen minutes before and after the administration of dose.

Myth – Homeopathic medicines cannot be taken during pregnancy.

Fact – Homeopathy can be taken during pregnancy barring few homeopathic medicines such as natrummuraticum and pulsatilla. In fact if the treatment is property planned it will have lots of benefits to the mother and child. From old times medicine called colchicum is used for easy parturition.