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Volunteering Opportunites

Volunteering is the best way to experience the feel of achievement you have gained in your life and get the satisfaction – Dr. Umang Khanna

ions India homeopathy is serving as an ideal model where the institution is running with the participation of friends on social media and thereby creating a model for knowledge empowerment and community revitilization throughout thee world. Supported by over 3 million volunteers the organisationed has initiated large movments such as “Swastha Nagrik Swasthya Bharat” mission posting about 1000 health rlated detailed insight videos.

ions india is almost totally volunteer run spending zero amount on publicity. The volunteers are solely responsible for the success and recognition plus the attention quest for getting better health is getting through ions India Homeopathy. The spread of the message is done by the volunteer subscriber family which has deeply experienced the merits of specific, vast knowledge that ions India has to offer.

Ways To Volunteer

Skill based Volunteering

ions India provides numerous and varied volunteering opporunities both short term & long term to experiment,polish & refine your skills.

Event based Volunteering

ions India volunteer are the backbone and everyone of you play an important role in the success of each and every event.

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Opportunities at ions India


Nisha Bajpai
Local guide
Dr Umang your medication is like miracles… have been following you and watching your YouTube videos regularly and gaining from them…also I have attended your live session and benefited from them. You are the most approachable and down to earth doctor that I have met.May Lord bless you sir.