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We’re ions India, A Homoeopathic Treatment Provider Based in India powered by Dr Umang Khanna

This clinic is not about giving medicines. This clinic is about curing with medicines rapidly, gently and permanently to the whole extent in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way. Join us for the knowledge of thrilling journey of permanant cure through homoeopathic treatment .

“You Are Not Alone, I am here with YOU” .. Dr Umang Khanna

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Dr Umang Khanna & Homoeopathic Treatment

Explore The Man, Doctor and Mission

Dr Umang Khanna Homoeopathic treatment

The Man

A person who rose from a zero, worked hard, took risks, involved technology, made friends, supported patients and helped millions get better health.

Dr Umang Khanna Homoeopathic treatment

The Doctor

The Doctor who searched & researched which existed but what was not interpetated to be of help to the better health of mankind and transffersed this knowledge to all.

Dr Umang Khanna Homoeopathic treatment

The Mission

“You are not alone , I am here with you. Though ypu are far away I am here to stay”. Lets heal this world and make this a better place to live.

Let’s Move Forward

This clinic is not about giving medicines. This clinic is about curing with medicines rapidly, gently and permanently to the whole extent in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way.

Innovations @DrUmangKhanna

The Dynamic Power of Ions is “The Refined form of Ayurveda” i.e. homoeopathy & Homoeopathic treatment – Dr Umang Khanna


Homeopathy is effective for every living being including animals & plants


Homeopathy could be used as supporting immunizing programs for new born


Homeopathy works as prophylactics based in the theory of “Genus Epidemicus”

Dr Umang Khanna Homoeopathic treatment


“The progressive failing ability of the body’s own intrinsic and genetic powers to defend, maintain and repair itself in order to keep working efficiently.” Dr Umang Khanna

Two aspects of life that are usually important to us are to be as healthy and attractive, as well and as long as possible. A person’s thirties are a hectic timebusy with responsibilities, excitedly pursuing goals, and often struggling with conflicting desires. In other words, the essence of life. At times it seems that you are so tied down with the responsibilities of work and family and that life is so demanding there is no time left for yourself. Or as I used to say, “I have nothing left for me.” However, it is also the time that you finally come into your own. Having achieved some of your goals and carved out a life separate from your family of origin, often it is when you fully feel grown-up. Able to make decisions independently and chart your life course.- Dr Umang Khanna

“Wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been” – Dr Umang Khanna

We Invite you to explore the “Three Dimensions of Wellbeing” – Dr Umang Khanna

“Weakness is a factor which diminishes the efficiency of metabolism of body” – Dr Umang Khanna

Mental Weakness

Physical Weakness

Sexual Weakness

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What Patients Say About Us

Trust is the sole reason which bonds us to the patients far away who have never met us physically & mostly quest for better health ends here.” – Dr Umang Khanna

One of the most considerate and Best Homeopathic Doctors i have ever come across.

Nikhil Nath Pandey

Thanks a lot Dr Umang Khanna for solving my child’s eyesight problem

Darshak Pawase

I have no words about sir but I am say only this my problem is solved and I am happy.

Amit Kumar

Doctor is the best knowledge and best tetment . God bless you

Rajan Sharma

Homeopathy medicine prescribed by.Dr Umang khanna is.very effective . I am very happy to see his U.Tube videos .

Ranjit Chowdhury

the best guidence to patiant and allmost free of cost susestion.&directly free guid on what’s app it is mirrecal in this time my sympathy whith you, a lotof regarding… selute,🙋

Kishor Jadavani

U treat your patients with your heart and make them feel like they are family. 🙏🙏
Dr. Khanna… I salute …

Mannat Gulia

Very good doctor and clinic, doctor is v good and understands the pain of patients and gives effective treatment, which is beneficial.

Kanchan Pathak

Your Videos are more Informative and fan too. One request, Please share in English or create new English you tube channel. Your ideas will reach to the world

Suresh Babu

I never visit this place but get a great help Dr. Umang Khanna online clinic and there advices which help me and my family in cure from various diseases. Thanks vry much to Dr. For there kind nature and help.

Pritam Kothari

Dr.Umang Khanna is really very knowledgeable and very soft spoken.I like the way he explains the causes of disease and how there is different medicine as per different symptoms.

Rohini Desai

Good behaviour and very good treatment…

Saima Khan

Let’s Go Beyond

You atr not alone, I am here with YOU, though you are far away, I am here to stay. I invite you to join us, in a thrilling journey of life. “Let’s Go Beyond .. ” – Dr Umang Khanna

Our Outreach to the Society

Volunteer With Us

Together with friends & supporters, ions India activities serve as a thriving model for human empowerment and community revitalization throughout the world. ions India is publicly run organization and aims to bring physical & mental wellbeing for everyone. Your support will make us stronger in our wndevour to help the society.

Dr Umang Khanna