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Acne / Pimples

चेहरे पर मुँहासे

Acne / Pimples – Top Probable Natural homeopathic remedies with symptoms

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by Dr Umang Khanna (BHMS)


Acne / Pimples is a common skin condition where the pores of your skin become blocked by hair, sebum (an oily substance), bacteria, and dead skin cells. Those blockages produce blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, and other types of pimples. If you have acne, know you’re not alone. It’s the most common skin condition that people experience. It’s estimated that 80% of people ages 11 to 30 will have at least a mild form of acne, and most people are affected by it at some point in their lives.

Different types of acne

  • Whiteheads: Plugged hair follicles that stay beneath the skin and produce a white bump.
  • Blackheads: Plugged follicles that reach the surface of the skin and open up. They look black on the skin surface because the air discolors the sebum, not because they are dirty.
  • Papules: Inflamed lesions that usually appear as small, pink bumps on the skin and can be tender to the touch.
  • Pustules or pimples: Papules topped by white or yellow pus-filled lesions that may be red at the base.
  • Nodules: Large, painful solid lesions that are lodged deep within the skin.
  • Severe nodular acne (sometimes called cystic acne): Deep, painful, pus-filled lesions.

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Top Natural Probable Homeopathic Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne / Pimples

Antimonium Crudum – Natural homoeopathic remedy for acne / pimples on cheeks contains pus and covered with yellow crusts

Pimples, pustules, and boils on the face. Yellow crusted eruption on cheeks and chin. Sallow and haggard. Eczema with gastric derangements. Pimples, vesicles, and pustules. Sensitive to cold bathing. Thick, hard, honey-colored scabs. Urticaria; measle-like eruption. Itching when warm in bed. Dry skin. Warts. Dry gangrene. Scaly, pustular eruption with burning and itching, worse at night.

Calcarea Carbonica – Natural homoeopathic remedy for acne / pimples on cheeks of fat patients

Swelling of the upper lip. Pale, with deep-seated eyes, surrounded by dark rings. Crusta lactea; itching, and burning after washing. Submaxillary glands are swollen. Goitre. Itching of pimples in whiskers. Pain from right mental foramen along the lower jaw to ear. Unhealthy; readily ulcerating; flaccid. Small wounds do not heal readily. Glands swollen. Nettle rash; better in cold air. Warts on face and hands. Petechial eruptions. Chilblains. Boils.

Lycopodium Clavatum – Natural homoeopathic remedy for acne / pimples on cheeks along with excessive flatulence in stomach

Grayish-yellow color of the face, with blue circles around the eyes. Withered, shriveled, and emaciated; copper-colored eruption. Dropping of the lower jaw, in typhoid fever. Itching; scaly herpes in the face and corner of the mouth. Ulcerates. Abscesses beneath the skin; worse warm applications. Hives; worse, warmth. Violent itching; fissured eruptions. Acne. Chronic eczema associated with urinary, gastric, and hepatic disorders; bleeds easily. Skin becomes thick and indurated. Varicose veins, nævi, erectile tumors. Brown spots, freckles worse on the left side of face and nose. Dry, shrunken, especially palms; hair becomes prematurely gray. Dropsies. Offensive secretions; viscid and offensive perspiration, especially of feet and axilla. Psoriasis.

Psorinum – Natural homoeopathic remedy for acne / pimples on forehead along with oily face

Swelling of the upper lip. Pale, delicate. Humid eruption on face. Sickly. Dirty, dingy look. Dry, lusterless, rough hair. Intolerable itching. Herpetic eruptions, especially on the scalp and bends of joints with itching; worse, from the warmth of bed. Enlarged glands. Sebaceous glands secrete excessively; oily skin. Indolent ulcers, slow to heal. Eczema behind ears. Crusty eruptions all over. Urticaria after every exertion. Pustules near fingernails.

Hepar Sulphur – Natural homoeopathic remedy for acne / pimples on forehead along with painful pustular in nature

Yellowish complexion. The middle of the lower lip is cracked. Vesicular erysipelas, with pricking in parts. Neuralgia of the right side, extending in streak into temple, ear, alæ, and lip. Pains in the bones of the face, especially when being touched. Ulcers in the corners of the mouth. Shooting in the jaw on opening mouth. Abscesses; suppurating glands are very sensitive. Papules are prone to suppurate and extend. Acne in youth. Suppurate with prickly pain. Easily bleed. Angio-neurotic edema. Unhealthy skin; every little injury suppurates. Chapped skin, with deep cracks on hands and feet. Ulcers, with bloody suppuration, smelling like old cheese. Ulcers are very sensitive to contact, burning, stinging, and easily bleeding. Sweats day and night without relief. “Cold sores” are very sensitive. Cannot bear to be uncovered; wants to be wrapped up warmly. Sticking or pricking in afflicted parts. Putrid ulcers, surrounded by little pimples. Great sensitiveness to the slightest touch.

Silicea – Natural homoeopathic remedy for acne / pimples on chin that are pusfilled and cystic

This medicine is also highly effective for pus-filled pimples and cystic acne (painful pus-filled bumps forming deep under the skin due to infection and inflammation from blocked pores in the skin). This medicine helps to dry the pus-filled acne aiding prompt healing. It also works well on pimples that cause itching and burning sensation, which gets worse in the daytime. Skin cracked on the margin of lips. Eruption on the chin. Facial neuralgia, throbbing, tearing, face red; worse, cold damp. Felons, abscesses, boils, old fistulous ulcers. Delicate, pale, waxy. Cracks at the end of fingers. Painless swelling of glands. Rose-colored blotches. Scars suddenly become painful. Pus offensive.

Nux Vomica – Natural homoeopathic remedy for acne / pimples on chin along with habbitual indigestion

Body burning hot, especially the face; yet cannot move or uncover without feeling chilly. Urticaria, with gastric derangement. Acne; skin red and blotchy.

Natrum Muriaticum – Natural homoeopathic remedy for acne / pimples on back along with desire to eat salty food items

Oily, shiny, as if greased. Earthy complexion. Fevers-blisters. Greasy, and oily, especially on hairy parts. Dry eruptions, especially on the margin of the hairy scalp and bends of joints. Fever blisters. Urticaria; itch and burn. Crusty eruptions in bends of limbs, the margin of scalp, behind ears. Warts on palms of hands. Eczema; raw, red, and inflamed; worse, eating salt, at the seashore. Affects hair follicles. Alopecia. Hives, and itching after exertion. Greasy skin

Sulphur – Natural homoeopathic remedy for acne / pimples on back along with itching and having desire to eat sweet food items

This medicine has unmatched value when it comes to treating pimples that turn itchy, particularly at night. Though acne may occur on any area of the face, if it is prominent on the forehead, sulfur is the best answer. These may be inflamed and painful to touch as well. Lastly, it is suitable to treat comedones, commonly called blackheads (blockage of pores with oil, dead skin cells occurring on forehead and chin). Dry, scaly, unhealthy; every little injury suppurates. Freckles. Itching, burning; worse scratching and washing. Pimply eruption, pustules, rhagades, hang-nails.

Pulsatilla Nigra – Natural homoeopathic remedy for acne / pimples in puberty age of girls

Pulsatilla is a natural medicine sourced from a plant called ‘wind flower’. It is the most suitable medicine to treat acne in young girls at puberty. It is also a leading medicine used mostly to treat acne associated with any sort of menstrual irregularities. Acne at puberty. Varicose veins.

चेहरे पर मुँहासे || Acne / Pimples || Natural Homeopathic remedies || होम्योपैथिक उपचार

चेहरे पर मुँहासे || Acne / Pimples

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