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Changes for the Better.

Dr. Umang Khanna through “research based homoeopathy has transformed the findings of a genius “Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann” father of Homeopathy to act better in the changing times thereby helping you with effective antiaging solutions.

Skin aging is a complex biological process influenced by a combination of endogenous or intrinsic and exogenous or extrinsic factors. Because of the fact that skin health and beauty is considered one of the principal factors representing overall “well-being” and the perception of “health” in humans, several anti-aging strategies have been developed during the last years. It is the intention of this article to review the most important anti-aging strategies that dermatologists have nowadays in hand, including including preventive measurements, cosmetological strategies, topical and systemic therapeutic agents and invasive procedures.

Dr Umang Khanna

ions India Homoeoparthy

“Wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been.”

Radiating Inner & Outer Beauty

What is real beauty and who is the judge? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Our society has placed more of an emphasis on external beauty, and has defined this by a limited scope of characteristics and qualities—which many of us don’t fit into. This view of beauty is false and has been destructive and disempowering for women. Each of us is unique and beautiful in our own right and it’s only by embracing our authenticity and nourishing ourselves from within that we truly radiate inner, outer, and lasting beauty.

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The Dynamic Power of Ions is “The Refined form of Ayurveda” i.e. homoeopathy – Dr Umang Khanna


We are exactly not what we eat, but what we absorb for well being


The proper flow of blood in the body regulates the energies of body.


Proper Dincharya is THE most important element for prolonged healthy life.

DIY remedies

This way we can get the purest preperations and the best to ourselves.

Ancient Wisdom

5000 years old research and the best of time proven research will bless you


Homeopathy works wonders for antiaging with remedy for every symptoms.


Live Foods

Live foods / Pranic foods are foods that are consumed fresh, raw and/or in a condition as close as possible to their original, vibrant, living state and are growing even when they are harvested.


This means you stop eating completely, or almost completely, for a certain stretch of time. Intermittent fasting (IF) is currently one of the world’s most popular health and fitness trends.

Detox Foods

1 tsp. Neem leaf Sun dried powder + Turmeric powder is the best and most economical food which could be taken for the detox of body.



Exercise is defined as any movement that makes your muscles work and requires your body to burn calories. Being active has been shown to have many health benefits, both physically and mentally. It may even help you live longer. “Exercise regulates the flow of blood thereby balancing, redistributing and reorganising the energies flowing in the body in various metabolic proccesses”. – Dr Umang Khanna



  Dinacharya is simple and effective way to balance the body. Our daily activities have a profound effect on our health. A routine, practiced daily, is stronger medicine than an occasional remedy.


Obesity is the single biggest factor which results in increased lifestyle ailments generally irreversible in nature. It results in the crossing of those threshold values which alters the regular metabolism of the body.


Sleep is a basic instinct of life. Sleep is one of the three pillars of good health, known as Nidra. The right balance of 3 elements Nidra, Ahara, Brahmcharya is required for a healthy life.

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Ancient Indian Wisdom

Ancient Indians accorded great importance to health and wellness derived from the practice of yoga, and the application of the ancient science of healing, Ayurveda. The importance of health was emphasized by the ancient seers as Shareeramadyam khalu dharma-sadhanam. The basis of all life’s endeavors is Swasthya. A sound body is the epitome of perfect health, which is a pre-requisite for the attainment of spirituality. The entire lifestyle in ancient India aimed at the achievement of physical, mental, spiritual, economic, and social well-being—to be enjoyed over a hundred autumns. Jeevaama sharadah shatam (Let us live for a full hundred years) was the Vedic prayer chanted by everyone. The science of Ayurveda (Ayurvedic medical science) rooted in the Vedic system as upa-veda (ancillary Veda), is further expounded upon in the great texts of Sushruta (600 BC). Charaka (300 BC), Vagbhata (700 AD).

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Homoeopathic Remedies

This clinic is not about giving medicines. This clinic is about curing with medicines rapidly, gently and permanently to the whole extent in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way.

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This clinic is not about giving medicines. This clinic is about curing with medicines rapidly, gently and permanently to the whole extent in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way.

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AntiAging based Homeopathy

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” – Dr Umang Khanna

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Research based Homeopathy

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