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अपेंडिक्स में सूजन

Appendicitis – Top Probable Natural homeopathic remedies with symptoms

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by Dr Umang Khanna (BHMS)


Appendicitis happens when your appendix becomes inflamed, likely due to a blockage. It can be acute or chronic.The appendix is a small pouch attached to the intestine. It’s located in your lower-right abdomen. When your appendix becomes blocked, bacteria can multiply inside it. This can lead to the formation of pus and swelling, which can cause painful pressure in your abdomen. Appendicitis can also block blood flow. Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix, a finger-shaped pouch that projects from your colon on the lower right side of your abdomen. Appendicitis causes pain in your lower right abdomen. However, in most people, pain begins around the navel and then moves. As inflammation worsens, appendicitis pain typically increases and eventually becomes severe. Although anyone can develop appendicitis, most often it occurs in people between the ages of 10 and 30. Standard treatment is surgical removal of the appendix.

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Top Natural Probable Homeopathic Remedies To Get Rid Of Appendicitis

Bryonia Alba – Natural homoeopathic remedy for appendicitis in case of least exertion

Bryonia Alba is effective in the case when the pain of appendicitis tends to aggravate movements and it’s relieved by having rest or by lying on the aching side. Patient may experience burning pain, dislikes to be touched, would lie still with his drawn up in order to relax his affected abdominal muscles, and his pain turns worse with every breath. The patient may experience a thirst for a lot of cold water and soreness and sensitivity in his right inguinal region.

Sulphur – Natural homoeopathic remedy for appendicitis with constipation / hard stool

Sulphur should be used as an intercurrent remedy to complete the cure.

Iris Tentax – Natural homoeopathic remedy for appendicitis with pain on least touch

Iris is preffered to start treatment of appendicitis. Fearful pain in ileo-caecal region, great tenderness to pressure; deadly sensation at the pit of the stomach.

Belladonna – Natural homoeopathic remedy for appendicitis with acute intense pain

Belladinna has the same symptoms as Iris Tentax, but it should be given after the later has failed. It has severe pain in the ileo-caecal region, worse from jerk. Inability to bear slightest touch, even of bed cover. There is also vomiting. Sleepy but unable to sleep. Oversensitive to loight and other external impressions. Better lying on back with knees drawn up. Nervousness, throbbing headache. Worse by stooping, must have loose clothes.

Dioscorea – Natural homoeopathic remedy for appendicitis with constant pain

Dioscorea is the effective remedy when the pain is constant. The patient has never been entirely free from pain. Bowels filled with gas with griping, twisting pains better by bending backward. It may be given in hot water.

Merc Solubilis Natural homoeopathic remedy for appendicitis with diarrhoea

Merc solubilis has acute local symptoms are acute. Enteric, or hot and painful in ileo-caecal region. Bruised sensation in intestines. No relief from perspiration. Tender lump felt in the appendix region.

Colocynth Natural homoeopathic remedy for appendicitis with abdominal cramps

Colocynth is specially indicated by a high degree of pain which may be cutting, twisting or cramping. Bitter taste. Jelly like stool. Worse by indignation. Better by pressure, warmth.

Lachesis Muta Natural homoeopathic remedy for appendicitis with pain extending upto thighs

This is a valuable remedy, that is used in case of sensitiveness all over the abdomen and stitching from the seat of inflammation, backward or downward to the thighs. patient lies on the back with knees drawn up. Feels hot, cannot bear clothing even in cold weather.

Arsenic Album Natural homoeopathic remedy for appendicitis with anxiety / sepsis

Arsenic is preffered remedy when the condition points to sepsis, it may be the remedy. There are chills, hectic symptoms, diarrhoea, restlessness and sudden sinking of strength.

Ignatia Amara Natural homoeopathic remedy for appendicitis with pain on hearing news of surgery

Ignatia amara is used when terrible pain in appendix with fear of operation is an important mental symptom. The knees drawn up to chin. Body hot and rigid. The patient is sensitive, alert and nervous. Patient suffers acutely in mind and body at the same time. Patient has griping and stitching pain. In nervous patients treatment may be started with this remedy.

अपेंडिक्स में सूजन || Appendicitis || Natural homeopathic remedies with symptoms

Appendicitis || अपेंडिक्स में सूजन

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This clinic is not about giving medicines. This clinic is about curing with medicines rapidly, gently and permanently to the whole extent in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way.

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