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The magic of homeopathy is that it penetrates the tissues and cells in the body because of its dynamic nature and strenghthen thevital force of the body” – Dr Umang Khanna

Human beings are born with a basic immune system that is weak. Through constant interaction with the microbes in our environment, and within our gut, we learn to fight against new microbes, which helps to strengthen the immune system. In the last 40 years or so, excessive microbicidal use in the name of hygiene and lack of constant interaction with plants, soil and other organisms has gradually made our immune system weaker, even though our overall health and lifespan has increased. Immunity, as we understand it through modern medicine, is the function of certain cells, enzymes and immunomodulatory chemicals that attack pathogens and prevent them from creating diseases. This concept of invasion from microorganisms and a biological defence system against it led to the development of the range of antibiotics and vaccines in the 20th century. Various developments in the last decade, like the emergence of auto-immune issues, widespread antibiotic resistance in microbes, and wider understanding of friendly bacteria and its functions, especially inside our gut, have forced us to rethink the unidirectional concept of the immune system.

Dr Umang Khanna

ions India Homoeoparthy

The immunity, vyadhi-kshamatva, is a strength within all of us that resists the causes of diseases and their aggressive tendencies.

Vital Force Homeopathic concepts to immune system functions

The preventive aspect of our immunity function is majorly related to our digestive system. Balanced doshas or bio-energies, through cleansing, are also essential for proper resistance to illness. The concept of Vital force explains the direct correlation between digestion and immunity. Vital force is the final product of physiological transformation happening in our body as part of tissue nourishment. The seven layers of tissues are nourished one by one as a result of properly functioning metabolic pathways and the result of this process is Vital forceVital force is considered as the essence of the food we consume, and a healthy level of Vital force indicates proper tissue nourishment. The function of Vital force is not just explained as resistance to disease but it is resilience to any form of unfavorable physical, mental or environmental change which would normally create an imbalance, leading to disease, but is otherwise dealt with effectively due to the presence of Vital force.

Vitalforce @DrUmangKhanna

The Dynamic Power of Ions is “The Refined form of Ayurveda” i.e. homoeopathy – Dr Umang Khanna


We are exactly not what we eat, but what we absorb for well being


The proper flow of blood in the body regulates the energies of body.


Proper Dincharya is THE most important element for prolonged healthy life.

DIY remedies

This way we can get the purest preperations and the best to ourselves.

Ancient Wisdom

5000 years old research and the best of time proven research will bless you


Homeopathy works wonders for antiaging with remedy for every symptoms.

AntiAging based Homeopathy

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” – Dr Umang Khanna

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