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चलते वक़्त बार बार गिर जाना

AtaxiaTop Probable Natural homeopathic remedies with symptoms

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by Dr Umang Khanna (BHMS)


Ataxia is a term for a group of disorders that affect coordination, balance, and speech. Ataxia is when you have a problem with coordination, causing you to move in an uncertain, awkward, or even clumsy way. It’s usually a sign of a problem with an area of your brain, ears, or other parts of your nervous system.

Types of ataxia

There are many different types of ataxia, which can be divided into three broad categories:
Acquired ataxia – where symptoms develop as the result of trauma, a stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS), a brain tumor, nutritional deficiencies, or other problems that damage the brain or nervous system
Hereditary ataxia – where symptoms develop slowly over many years and are caused by faulty genes that a person inherits from their parents; the most common type is Friedreich’s ataxia
Idiopathic late-onset cerebellar ataxia (ILOCA) – where the brain is progressively damaged over time for unclear reasons

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Top Natural Probable Homeopathic Remedies To Get Rid Of Ataxia

Phosphorus – Natural homoeopathic remedy for ataxia with eye complaints and extreme weakness

Phosphorus is prescribed for ataxia in case of patient suffers from various eye troubles. This remedy can help to relieve symptoms of dim vision, blurred vision, and double vision. Easy fatigue of eye muscles even from a little use is also treated with the use of this remedy. Extreme weight is also a symptom along with ataxia which indicates this remedy.

Alumina – Best Natural homoeopathic remedy for ataxia in case of inability to walk

Alumina is the most effective medicine for ataxia when a patient suffers from staggering gait with heaviness or numbness of limbs. The patient walks with uncertainty. Heaviness or numbness in lower limbs is often a symptom in such patients. Patients may have another symptom like a bandaged feeling in the limbs while walking. Apart from walking, there is a problem with swallowing food too. And lastly, the symptoms of extreme exhaustion, fatigue, and lack of strength are also presented by patients. The patients usually have an increased sensitivity to cold air.

Heloderma – Natural homoeopathic remedy for ataxia in case of high lifting of feet while walking

Heloderma is drug of choice for Ataxia patients who lift their feet higher than required while walking and bring them to the ground very hard. The patient may be extremely sensitive to cold weather.

Argentum Nitricum – Natural homoeopathic remedy for ataxia in case of trembling in lower extremeties while walking

Ataxia with a marked loss of balance while walking and standing, along with trembling Argentum nitricum could be considered. The patient complains lack of control over his limbs while walking and experiences trembling. Standing and walking postures are quite unsteady. The unsteadiness mostly gets worse when the person is not under any observation. The frequent complaint accompanying unsteadiness is a marked rigidity in the calf muscles of the legs while walking. The muscles of the legs also seem very weak while walking or standing.

Lathyrus Sativus – Natural homoeopathic remedy for ataxia in case of emaciation of lower limbs

Lathyrus sativus is used for a tottering gait in Ataxia patients, who experience emaciation of muscles of lower limbs. The patient also suffers from symptoms like jerking and trembling while walking. There is also a marked rigidity of the legs while walking.

Causticum Hahnemanni – Natural homoeopathic remedy for ataxia in case of tendency of falling forward

Causticum is another wonderful remedy that is mainly recommended in cases where the patient feels unsteady while walking and has frequent falling episodes. The fall can be sideways or forward. It can help to a great extent in preventing the falling tendency with an unsteady staggering gait. Apart from this, difficulty in articulation with an indistinct speech is also treated by this remedy.

Zincum Metallicum – Natural homoeopathic remedy for ataxia in case of jerk while walking

Zincum met. is the ideal pick when trembling and jerking of limbs accompany the lack of muscle coordination. The feet may show restlessness. this remedy is also the best Homeopathic remedy when pain in limbs is dominantly present in patients of Ataxia in the starting stages.

Gelsemium Sempervirens – Natural homoeopathic remedy for ataxia in case of weakness in lower extremeties

Gelsemium helps when the loss of muscle control is accompanied by excessively weak muscles. There is utmost lack of muscle coordination and the muscles seem not to obey the will of the patient. The gait is slow and unsteady. The person also feels tired by doing even the slightest work. The patient shows hallmark symptoms of drowsiness, dullness, and dizziness with an inability to coordinate muscular action. Another symptom is difficulty in speech with trembling of the tongue.

Nux Vomica – Natural homoeopathic remedy for ataxia in case of dragging of feet while walking

When there is a dragging of feet while walking, with an inability to lift the feet from the ground Nux could be thought of. This remedy is also the best homeopathic remedy for Ataxia in alcoholics.

चलते वक़्त बार बार गिर जाना || Ataxia / loss of muscular coordination || Natural homeopathic remedies

चलते वक़्त बार बार गिर जाना || Ataxia

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