Cervical spondylitis is a disorder where there is abnormal wear and tear on the cartilage and bones of the neck. It is common cause of neck pain.

How Homeopathy can help ?

Dr. Khanna benefits the patients of spondylitis by his customized individual approach of preventing the further damage to the vertebra, by relieving the pressure on the nerve roots and muscular spasm and regenerating the cartilage of the inter vertebral joint. We at Aarogyaglobal relieve the inflammation without steroids or NSAID and prescribing remedies that helps in the retention of the minerals of bones like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc.The medicines control the further destruction of the disc to great extent as they work constitutionally and within an individual as the medicines are deep acting.


  • Pain
  • Neck stiffeness
  • Limitation of movement
  • Muscular weakness
  • Sensory loss
  • Numbness or abnormal sensations is the shoulders
  • Vertigo

Home Remedies

  • Boil dried ginger with water. Add some Caster oil. Take a tablespoon before going to bed
  • Massage back of neck with sesame oil
  • Chew Neem leaves
  • Eat garlic every morning empty stomach
  • Take milk for calcium
  • Walnuts (3-4 in no.)

Self Care

  • Avoid lifting heavy weights
  • Avoid overhead working e.g.Ceiling
  • Avoid jerks in driving
  • Avoid doing any work with spade, shovel or fork in gardening
  • Avoid sleeping on a form matters and using unstable pillow

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