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Homeopathic Immunizers

होम्योपैथी में प्रतिरक्षक

“No parent can do better than seek out objective information based on appropriate research and analysis, and make an informed and considered decision.” – Dr Isaac Golden

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by Dr Umang Khanna (BHMS)

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Overview – Homeopathic Immunizers

Homeopathic Immunisation also called Home prophylaxis (HP) is a method of disease prevention that is safe, natural, and currently used in many countries. There are no toxins, preservatives, chemicals, or pathological particles. The philosophy behind home prophylaxis is that the micro-organisms themselves are not seen as the sole cause of disease, but rather an illness is an interplay between a micro-organism and the individual’s susceptibility to it.
 The reason for using both programs is that, although successful use of the remedies in the basic program has been established, no system of protection can be guaranteed 100% effective. In the event of definite exposure to a source of infection, parents may wish to give their child additional protection at that time.
 The goal of Dr Umang Khanna Homeopathic Clinic is to provide the immune system with information prior to disease exposure so that they can respond more quickly and effectively. In contrast to vaccination, Home prophylaxis does not rely on antibody formation, but on changing the susceptibility of the child or adult to disease. It works by educating your child’s immune system in a logical way.

RapidCure ..

Primary diseases in which Homeopathic Immunizers works

  • MMR
  • Tetanus
  • Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
  • Polio
  • Diphtheria
  • Chicken Pox
  • Hepatitis B
  • Thuja for the ill effects (chronic mucus) of traditional vaccines
  • Influenza B (Haemophilus)
  • Measles (alone ) (also in this kit w/MMR)
  • Roto Virus (Salmonella)
  • Thiomersal (for detox)

Changes for the Better.

Homeopathic Immunization Schedule

  • Disease – Immunization
  • Anthrax – Anthrocyanum
  • Botulism – Botulinum
  • Chicken pox* – Varicella
  • Diptheria* – Diptherinum
  • Hepatitis A – Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B – Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C – Hepatitis C
  • HPV – Papilloma Virus nosode
  • Influenza – Influenzinum
  • Measles* – Morbillinum
  • Mumps* – Parotidinum
  • Pertussisn* – Pertussin
  • Pneumonia – Pneumococcinum
  • Polio – Polio nosode
  • Rabies – Lyssin
  • Rubella* – Rubeola
  • Small Pox* – Variolinum
  • Staphylococcus – Staphylococcinum
  • Streptococcus – Streptococcinum
  • Syphilis – Syphilinum
  • Tetanus – Ledum
  • Tuberculosis – Tuberculinum
  • and many more …

The following list of available homeopathic nosodes for use is much larger than what is actually administered to your child. Those recommended are marked with an asterisk (*). Unlike the conventional medicine vaccines, reactions to homeopathic immunizations are rare. Often, if one occurs, it is because of an underlying familial miasm to which the person is reacting. If a reaction does occur, it is generally mild and lasts for a few days. Symptoms can be fever, fatigue, restlessness, irritability and mild skin rash. Occasionally the patient will develop mild flu-like symptoms for a few days. Convulsions, more common with conventional vaccinations, are rarely seen. Additional prescriptions may be needed to complete the job. Reactions to nosodes are considered to be good because it means that the person had a susceptibility or previous exposure to the disease that the corresponding nosode has now corrected. The next time it is given, the person generally will not experience the same reaction. Between dosing seasons, administering the appropriate nosode remedy immediately following exposure to the corresponding disease will often help to stop the development of the disease. As an example, if your child is exposed to measles or chicken pox, even though they have had the corresponding nosode administration, giving it again will act as a reminder to the immune system.

Probable Protocol – Homeopathic Immunizers

  • Begin at age 6 months during an illness free period. Try to be consistent by administering the vaccinations at the same time each year, i.e fall or spring etc..
  • Administer the remedy 1X per day for 2 days, then wait an additional 5 days before administering the next nosode. This allows for you to observe for a reaction, and if one is seen, wait an additional week before administering the next medicine.
  • During the administration of the homeopathic vaccinations, supplement with extra Vitamin C and thymus extract if available.
  • Repeat the series each year at the same time until the child is 12 years old.
  • If the child is exposed to one of the diseases, administer a dose of the corresponding nosode to re-stimulate the immune system. Additional homeopathic medicines may also be utilized following exposure.
  • Consider administering tetanus toxoid as an intramuscular injection as well as this covers the toxin exposure while the Ledum covers the puncture wound. Tetanus toxoid should be given as a single agent and not with Diptheria and Pertussis as with a DPT shot.
  • As Polio is obtained by the oral route, PO administration of the vaccine usually does not cause problems except for immuno-compromised patients. If this is not available, then the homeopathic counter part can be given. Polio administered through the skin is not the normal route of entry.

Let’s Move Forward

This clinic is not about giving medicines. This clinic is about curing with medicines rapidly, gently and permanently to the whole extent in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way.

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