Urticaria/Hives is a clinical condition where there is a transient eruption of raised and circumscribed erythematousedematous swellings of the super ficialdermis,associated with itching.

How Homeopathy can help ?

Dr. Umang Khanna provides aconvincing solution for thosewho suffer from chronicurticaria.As immune factor is supposed to be the excitingfactor along with emotional stress the homoeopathic medicines gradually minimize and abolish this stress to the body thereby abolishing the response towards it by the body. Thereby nullifying the specific allergens to the body of the patient.It is possible in homoeopathy to completely cure urticaria.


  • Raised circular weals appear that look like mosquito bites
  • The weals are red on the outer rim and white in the centre
  • Localised itching is present
  • An individual weal has a lifespan of around 24 hours or less
  • The weals appear in batches or clusters
  • One batch fades away as a new batch appears
  • The rash may last for days or weeks

Home Remedies

  • One teaspoon of turmeric powder with glass of milk
  • Skin massage with mustard oil
  • Apply aloe vera
  • Drink pineapple juice as it has chemical called bromelian which is anti inflammatory
  • Add ginger to tea as it has anti-histamine
  • Have green tea as it has anti-histamine

Self Care

  • Apply wet cloth to the affected area
  • Stay In cool environment
  • Wear cotton garments with loose fittings
  • Avoid known triggers
  • Avoid foods that contain high level of histamines such as spinach, preservatives etc.

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